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  • Jarlsberg Light

    Technically defined as a Reduced Fat Swiss, Jarlsberg Light was introduced in the late 1980s. It carries most of the mellow nuttiness and creaminess plus the nutritional benefits characteristic of classic Jarlsberg. Light is also completely natural, crafted and aged like any other real cheese. This semi-soft cheese melts readily, without lumps or stringiness. It can be substituted in just about any everyday or party recipe calling for Jarlsberg or Swiss and is, of course, terrific for munching, flavor is best at cool room temperature.

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  • Bavarian Swiss

    While Kaserei Bavarian Swiss cheese is ageing for over 120 days in special ripening cellars, a beautiful cherry-sized hole pattern is developing. The end result is a wonderfully aromatic and creamy colored Swiss with a deliciously mellow and nutty flavor. While maintaining its firmness, it has a slightly softer consistency.

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  • Farmers

    A staple on the Swedish farmers breakfast table, Farmer is a semi-soft, mild Swiss cheese called hushllsost which means household or farm cheese. Farmers slices and melts well for sandwiches, gourmet pizzas, and casseroles making it a nice all-occasion cheese.

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