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  • Organic Colby

    This is a classic American cheese, certified Organic by the USDA. Colby has a great mild flavor, and with a semi soft texture, it is a great cooking cheese. It melts easily and wont overpower other flavors in your dish. Horizon Organic Colby is sold in bar form to make it easy to cube, slice, or shred. pBy purchasing Organic cheeses, you are not only supporting your own health, but the welfare and humane treatment of the animals that produce the milk, and the land they are raised on. For land to remain certified organic, farmers can never use harmful chemicals that can pollute our air, water and food. Instead, they use sustainable farming techniques like crop rotation and composting to improve soil fertility, and non-toxic materials like vegetable oil to control pests.

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  • Organic String Cheese

    Organic Valleys Stringles may be the best snack food ever invented. A good source of calcium and protein, they are the perfect snack for kids of all ages. Sold in a box of 24 individually wrapped pieces, for easy snacking

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