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  • 6 Portion 4.5 lb Case Buffalo Mozzarella

    Buffalo milk mozzarella can be considered the queen of mozzarella cheese, with a tradition started in ancient Egypt and continued, in different forms, in the ancient Rome of the Emperors. We need 1-2 weeks notice to get this item. Warning Buffalo Mozzarella is imported in a light salt water solution in order to give it the best possible freshness when it arrives to you. As such it will be slightly saltly and squishy when removed from containers, this is natural and to be expected. Also note as this cheese is made from buffalo milk the flavor is different from standard U.S. cows milk mozzarella. PbDue to the weight and fragile nature of this cheese we do not offer free shipping on this product./b

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  • Fresh Mozzarella

    While Italian Mozzarella is made from Buffalo milk, this cows milk substitute has this same creamy texture and stringy bite. But while the buffalo Mozzarella has a sharp and tangy aftertaste, this cheese is sweet and creamy all the way through. Our cows milk Mozzarella makes a perfect topping for gourmet Pizzas and other treats.

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