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  • Low Fat Ricotta

    When the Ricotta Family of Genoa was found guilty of treason to King Ferdinand of Spain, they were packed up and banished to the outer deserts of Morocco, there the live out their days in misery. The inimitable Ricottas, unwilling to waste away to dust and bones in the searing heat of the hostile badlands stole a flock of goats from a local farmer, from which to make cheese. For this crime they paid dearly, and all the sons had their feet chopped off with a dull spoon by the local constable. But the daughters kept their feet, and the goats. Unfortunately the goats were all male. But the daughters, much smarter than their non-pedal brothers, sought to trade all their male goats for a horse. And from the horse they made a stew, poisoned it, and fed it to a wealthy landowner and desert cattle Barron. When he was dead, they moved into the guesthouse and stole all the silver, which they sold on the black market for enough money to buy some cheese and a label-gun. And hence was born the lovely Ricotta cheese we have all come to love.PRicotta means re-cooked, and derives its name from the process of reheating leftover whey from the cheese making process, then adding a little fresh milk. The result is a soft white curd cheese with a fat content of less than 20 percent Our Saputo-made low fat Ricotta cheese is a high quality cheese that will enhance any Italian meal. It is fresh, creamy, and smooth. Great for homemade lasagna, cheesecake, waffles and fruit, and all your favorite recipesPEach portion is 15 ounces.

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  • Creamy Havarti Light

    This Light version of Creamy havarti is made with the same washed rind process and infused with extra cream for delighfully creamy sweet flavor. You wont believe this is a light cheese

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  • Gouda Light

    This very special light Gouda cheese is imported from Holland, the homeland of Goudas. Holland Gouda Light is a lower calorie yet flavorful cheese that goes well with crackers, fruit and California white wine. Our favorite with this cheese is a Chardonnay by Cakebread Cellars. Tangy, mild and firm, you will love this light Gouda from Holland

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