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  • Ski Queen Gjetost by Tine

    Gjetost pronounced yet-oast is as exclusive to Norway as trolls and fjords. It all started over 100 years ago on a small summerfarm high up from Gudbrandsdalen Valley, famous for its rich farming traditions. The milk maid had just made the curd from cows and goats milk. The left over whey was boiling in a great iron kettle in the fireplace. Usually she would allow almost all the liquid to evaporate and the golden paste that was left at the bottom of the kettle was used for sandwich spread. One night she expected visitors and wanted to serve them something special. She added cream and some goats milk and poured the hot mixture into a mould. That night she probably served the first golden gjetost ever made. This cheese is best served in wafer thin slices. Shown here with homemade Gjetost muffins.

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