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Homestead Barrel Proof Whiskey

HOMESTEAD Barrel Proof Bourbon Age: 4+ years Proof: 113.3 / 57.25 ALC by VOL Color: Medium to deep amber with nice clarity Nose: Spice, cinnamon, rye with mild oak Note: HOMESTEAD has a 20% rye content HOMESTEAD is a small batch, barrel proof, straight bourbon whiskey. HOMESTEAD has rich flavors great for sipping or mixing in your favorite drink. Come "Stake Your Claim" on the newest bourbon in town. Description John Andrews and Reggie Amos, founders of HOMESTEAD American Whiskey decided to create a brand of bourbon that represents both the American spirit of achievement and the focus on high quality that are cornerstones of our culture. John and Reggie both have backgrounds in modern art and recognize that making good bourbon is an intrinsic American art and that the success of 20th century American art was due in part to the pioneer spirit infused in American culture. It is this pioneer spirit that the great modern artists of Europe recognized as the foundation of American culture and would in turn lead to American artists to the forefront of the avant-garde. And once again bourbon exemplifies these same values. John and Reggie met in 2009. Although they both attended graduate school at the University of Iowa in the mid 1980?s they had never met until both purchased land just outside of Homestead, Iowa. In a sense they are 21st century homesteaders. The houses that they designed and built on the Iowa prairie reflect the vernacular of rural architecture. Through many hours of conversation about subjects as art and world economics, while walking their dogs every morning a discussion about bourbon and its history began. As a result John and Reggie saw bourbon as more than just a beverage. Bourbon is uniquely American and evolved in part from some of the same cultural patterns as modern American art. At the same time they realized bourbon was experiencing a resurgence of popularity and saw an opportunity to be part of a new American bourbon culture. Together John and Reggie sought out one of the most experienced distilleries in the U.S. to produce their small bath barrel proof bourbon. The focus was on creating an ultra-premium brand that is both a good sipping bourbon and a great mixer. In October of 2012 HOMESTEAD barrel proof bourbon will ?Stake Its Claim? alongside the few other barrel proof bourbons available to consumers.

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