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Cardinal Sin Vodka

Unique, Extremely Smooth and a Delightful, Hinted Finish:
Cardinal Sin pushes the envelope of craft distilling. The result is a world-class vodka that maintains its ingredient profile. Our toasted two-row barley contributes to the sweet finish and interesting range of flavors that work well in cocktails or by itself. SAINT LOUIS DISTILLERY PROCESS:
Patience and time are key elements of the distillery's small batch distillation process. This unique process allows the distillery to precisely select only the truest ?hearts? of the spirit. The undesirable ?heads? and ?tails? taint flavor and harbor impurities that have been known to cause a bit of next day remorse. Mass produced, continuous distillation processes can not match the level of purification. The distillery's rectification process removes those impurities by rectifying the vodka thousands of times. The result is an extremely clean, crisp vodka with a smooth, sweet toasted finish. Voted the Best Craft Vodka Distillery
USA Today 10 Best Readers' Choice 2016

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