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Pointe de Bique

As a version of Pouligny-St.-Pierre, this tall pyramid of fresh goat cheese holds up to its predecessor admirably. When young it is yeasty, tangy with a fudgy, soft paste. For the full effect, we recommend ripening these little treasures until they develop a rind. Once this rind is established the alchemy will ensue. At its best, the cheese will have a silky, smooth layer under the rind with the smooth, dense paste making up the interior. The flavor expands into earthier goat cheese aromas, with a slightly pungent tang on the finish. This cheese comes in a case of 6 8 oz portions. Pictured here is a very young Pointe de Bique, before it has developed a many-colored coat of mold that will form the delicious rind of its later stages.

  • Brand:  Jacquin
  • Milk: Goat
  • Region: France

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