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August 19, 2017
There are three very good reasons why you should learn basic cookery: practical, gastronomical and personal reasons. On the practical side, its'a stubborn economic fact that preparing your own food is cheaper than buying it ready-made. Gastronomically, it's a fact that old-fashioned home cooking is tastier and more varied. As for the personal side, it's a fact that cooking is fun, especially good cooking.

James A. Beard

Cooking Tip of the Month: Preparing pumpkin pie in advance

Pumpkin pie filling and pie crust can be prepared in advance, and frozen separately for up to one month. Defrost the pumpkin filling, then poured it into the frozen crust and bake as usual. If you use a glass pie plate, defrost the crust as well.
Source:   Nestlé
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