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August 31, 2015
Gastronomer: A biped of the human kind who never eats or drinks without being hungry or thirsty; who never swallows food before having thoroughly masticated it, and never masticates before having tasted it; who never eats or drinks anything the property of which is not known; never eats too much, even of quails, civet, or matelote; and never drinks too much, even of water.

Pierre Blot 1867

Cooking Tip of the Month: Preparing pumpkin pie in advance

Pumpkin pie filling and pie crust can be prepared in advance, and frozen separately for up to one month. Defrost the pumpkin filling, then poured it into the frozen crust and bake as usual. If you use a glass pie plate, defrost the crust as well.
Source:   Nestlé
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